Shipping and terms of payment

1. Delivery and delivery times
If a certain item is not available, Sport Gardena will cancel the order after consulting with the customer. Sport Gardena may make partial deliveries if these are acceptable to the customer. If Sport Gardena makes partial deliveries, Sport Gardena will assume the additional shipping costs. The customer is obliged to check the delivery for completeness and integrity immediately upon receipt. If the package is damaged the customer must immediately make a complaint to the deliverer.  Sport Gardena dispatches to street addresses. Shipping to P.O. boxes is not possible. The delivery time as from arrival of your order is a maximum of 3 working days (Italy) and/or a maximum of 5 working days (rest of the world).

2. Shipping costs
Shipping costs will be communicated after being successfully registered on the web site, and giving detailed information of the delivery address.

3. Payment
The end-consumer prices given in the Sport Gardena online shop include VAT at the statutory rate. To cover the purchase price claim the following methods of payment are accepted: credit card (Visacard, Mastercard) and PayPal. Only credit cards issued by Mastercard and Visacard will be accepted. The following data will be requested for payments by credit card: cardholder, card number, verification number and date of expiry. Sport Gardena reserves the right to refuse individual methods of payment.

4. Regulation of VAT rates
For private customers within the EU 22% of VAT is included in the price.
For private customers outside the EU: ART. 8 633/72 not taxable.
For companies in the EU outside Italy: Art. 41 DL 331/1993 not taxable.
For companies outside the EU: ART. 8 633/72 not taxable.