Ski rental conditions

  1. The client (renter) is fully responsible for the rented equipment.
  2. The rented equipment is not insured. It is possible to purchase a theft and damage insurance that can be added to the rented material. The insurance amounts to 10% of the listed price of the rented equipment. In this case the insurance covers 100% in case of damage and 100% in case of theft.
  3. In case of theft or complete damage (without having purchased the insurance in advance) the equipment in question will be charged to the renter. The charged price amounts to half the price of the marked value of the material.
  4. In case of theft of the rented equipment, the renter must immediately report the theft to the local police authority.
  5. In case of theft of the rented equipment with the previously purchased insurance (indicated at point 2) the renter must pay a fee of 0%. In case of damage the fee amounts to 0%.
  6. In case of damage of the rented equipment due to negligence or intentional damage or partial damage without insurance, the cost for repair will be charged to the renter, according to the price list of the rental shop.
  7. The change of rented equipment during the rental period is possible with an article of the same category. Against the payment of a fee it is possible to change the article with an article of higher category. It is not possible to receive a refund in case of change with an article of lower category.
  8. The rented equipment must be paid before the day of return. The rented equipment must be returned at the end of the defined and confirmed rental period, in the evening before shop closure or at the latest the next day before 9 am. Equipment returned after that time will be charged to the renter.
  9. If the rented equipment is not returned, for any reason, punctual, at the end of the confirmed rental period, the lessor will, after 7 days from the return, report theft to the local police authority.
  10. The equipment may be returned before the end of the rental period. There will be no refund for early returns. Refunds will be given only in case of sickness/accident showing a valid medical certificate.
  11. With this signature you declare to fully agree with the binding regulation (according to industry-established standards), after having given personal details.
  12. Bookings can be canceled free of charge up to two days prior to the pick-up date for the booked goods.
  13. These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the law and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the rental country.
  14. With the online booking this rental agreement is valid and legally binding.